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With the efforts of the P.A.’s Wellness Council and Meredith Kaback, P.S. 196 has been selected as a recipient of the Platinum Award for the 2017 NYC Excellence in School Wellness Awards.

This award places our school with many other schools that are striving to help create a healthy environment for our students. Please see below to learn what our Wellness Council does.

School Year 2017-2018

The Wellness Council of PS196Q is committed to furthering the well-being and success of our children by supporting a focus on nutrition, physical education and activity, and general wellness. We are dedicated to helping our School with a Heart be the School with a HEALTHY Heart, too. Please click here for the Wellness Policy.
2016-2017 Things to Celebrate

- All grades participate in NYC Road Runners Mighty Milers program in gym class with Ms. Bronstein
  - Eat a Rainbow Week – spearheaded with Ms. Lieberman and Ms. Bronstein - a week dedicated to sharing information about nutrition, healthy eating and trying new foods. Each day was assigned a different color with fun facts about healthy foods of that color provided, as well as offerings of fruits and vegetables of that color available in the cafeteria (thanks to our Food Service team and the cafeteria staff!) and children were encouraged to dress in the color of the day.
  - Zumba assembly for all grades to celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week
  - Monthly Family Fun Fitness Days (weekend) including Zumba, Yoga, Capoeira, Boxing, Relay Racing, and more
  - Continued the Alternative Menu (more plant-based, fewer-processed food options than standard NYC menu) can we put a link to the menu here?
  - Compassionate Communication workshop to help parents and caregivers practice tools to better understand and communicate with their children and hopefully work towards greater harmony
  - The Wellness Council encourages healthy eating in school, click here for some ideas for classroom parties that involve health eating
  - Garden - Continued growing our little garden out back. We planted vegetable, herbs, and flowers with the help of parents and children
  - Service in the Schools participation


Our Family Fitness Fundays will happen monthly this year!

Please mark your calendars to join us for some great exercise, a yummy brunch and a chance to enjoy the company of other PS196 families. Classes will be held in the gym or cafeteria, and will most often begin at 10am , followed by the brunch from 11am-12pm.

Activities to include: Yoga, Capoeira, Zumba, Karate, and more…

Children (age 4+,) parents, grandparents, caregivers – all are welcome! Cost is $5 per person Additional details and RSVP forms to confirm participation will be sent home in advance of each event.

Sunday 15 - Oct Karate
Saturday 4 - Nov Yoga
Sunday 10 - Dec Family Fitness
Saturday 13 - Jan Relay races with NYRR
Sunday 11 - Feb Capoeira
Sunday 10 -Mar Karate
Sunday 5 - Apr Zumba
Saturday 6 - May Basketball Clinic
Sunday 10 - Jun Yoga (TBC)



The Wellness Council will host a Compassionate Communication Workshop once a year which will help parents practice tools and techniques particularly relevant to busy parents - balancing work needs, the needs of children, and parents as well! The workshop will focus on managing situations such as sibling rivalry, an easier way to get your child to put their shoes on rather than arguing about it or how a parent and child can remain calm and in control during arguments. (Click here for more information...)


If you have any questions, please email: