PA of PS196Q





Committee Descriptions

Standing Committees

Audit shall conduct an internal audit or shall recommend that an external audit of all financial affairs of the organization be conducted based upon their initial findings. The treasurer shall make all books and records available to them. The audit committee shall prepare a written report or provide copies of the external report to be presented to the membership at a general membership meeting or upon completion of their review and investigations.

Budget shall be responsible for drafting 1) a proposed budget each spring for approval by the membership, 2) a written review of the prior year's budget, both of which must be presented for vote at the May membership meeting, and 3) presenting the budget process.

Membership is responsible for encouraging parent participation, outreach and recruitment. The Chairperson for the Membership committee will coordinate their outreach efforts and strategies with the school’s Parent Coordinator. The membership committee also prepares an annual survey to all members which to assess the needs of the PA members .The committee will also be responsible for maintaining a current list of members, and whether members wish to receive email or paper notices regarding PA information. The committee meets 3-4 times a year.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Backgrounds in the Forefront is an initiative to celebrate the school’s diversity and create a community amongst the children and faculty that supports self-expression and leadership. We access opportunities to create a global culture at PS 196Q. Our goal is to have children share themselves, and become a stand for a community of mutual respect. This is what leaders are made of. One highlight is International Night.

By-laws will review the PA By-laws annually and prose any changes to the executive board. This committee is responsible for ensuring that By-laws are reviewed every three (3) years.

Fundraising is responsible for all efforts to attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the organization. This committee may be divided into sub-committees that work together to achieve this goal. The committee will plan fundraising activities, recruit volunteers to support the activities, and include the community in fundraising efforts. Please note, all fundraising activities must comply with the Chancellor’s Regulations.

Grade Leaders are responsible for the coordination and management of the grade leaders and class parents. Main responsibilities include accountability for the class lists and its distribution, scheduling door coverage during Parent Teacher conferences and funneling of information to pass on to parents.

Hospitality is responsible for planning the Kindergarten welcome breakfast, the annual Multicultural Night and all Teacher Appreciation luncheons for the staff, as well as provides refreshments for the monthly Star Student Award Ceremonies. The chairperson will also provide the staff with token gifts at the annual Teacher Appreciation luncheon in June. The chairperson is responsible for recruiting volunteers to assist with these events.

Nominating members are not eligible to run for office. The nominating committee shall seek out the membership in writing, in English and other languages as appropriate, for recommendations of candidates for all offices. The nominating committee will also be responsible for conducting the election process.

PA Website is responsible for updating the site and maintaining contact with the webmaster. The chairperson is also responsible for managing the email notification system and all social media outlets.

Programming includes all event planning for the student parties, particularly the annual Halloween party. This includes securing dates and acquiring permits for events, hiring DJ’s and/or entertainment, planning activities and/or food, decorating and purchasing any necessary items for events, soliciting donations of goods or services for raffle items during events, and recruiting volunteers for events.

Spotlight is responsible for recruiting student volunteers for the Spotlight magazine. The committee members will maintain the newspaper, which will be published bi-annually. The members will sell advertising to support printing costs, work with students and teachers to create articles, and sell booster ads to the students and parents.

School Spirit is responsible for the creation and sales of various school gear, including T-shirts, bags and caps. All items are intended to encourage pride in being part of the PS 196Q family.

Sunshine Fund maintains a running record of all life events of the staff of the school. The chairperson is responsible for acknowledging all these events with a greeting card and a small gift or gift card