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What if you could come home after work to peace instead of sibling rivalry? What if there was an easier way - rather than arguing - to convince your child to put on shoes for school? What if you and your child could both feel in control and calm during disagreements?

Please join us for this workshop, where we will practice tools and techniques for managing these situations particularly relevant to busy parents - balancing work needs, the needs of children, and parents as well!

- Understanding the basics of Compassionate Communication
Setting positive and effective boundaries
- How to identify when we are being pushed beyond our comfort zone and how to communicate this lovingly and compassionately with children
- How to listen to what our children are trying to tell us through the tears and meltdowns! And also how to listen to joy and happiness
- How to say no and yes effectively and clearly
- How to make clear and positive requests
- How to use balanced communication that is neither punitive nor permissive…but cooperative!


Compassionate Communication (also called Collaborative Communication or Nonviolent Communication (NVC)) is a set of skills that allows us to effectively listen to others and to communicate clearly our needs, and feelings; it creates a foundation for respect and cooperation with our children, families and beyond.


Jennifer Coleman is an experienced trainer of Compassionate Communication, with over 1000 hours of NVC training. Ms. Coleman has led this workshop with PS196 for the past 2 years, hosts small working groups in corporate settings and has led trainings for the DC Volunteers Lawyers Project, Brooklyn Strength and others. She has assisted in various workshops at Kripalu, the Middle Project and is also a guest blogger on


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